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States I've run in (inspired by @just_abbey):

I've run 9 states (18%)
Create your own Run map of The United States

Almost enough to make me want to travel more.

I'm not distinguishing between outside and treadmill running.

Got up at 5 today to hit the gym. It's getting easier but I can't both run and lift and make it to work when I want. I think I'll have to split it -weight training in the morning and an evening run. This kind of puts me back where I was regarding time, though, and I'm not sure if I can do much about it. It's this or get up even earlier to lift and run in the morning.

Which.. well... sounds sort of appealing in that i get to have the whole evening free.
Which would likely be eaten by work for the next month.

I'm grumpy this morning.

Lastly: I made pomegranate ratatouille last night with a ton of fresh zucchini and squash from the CSA. It could have used more tomato and a little more turnip but was quite good regardless.
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