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Survived the weekend even though Drinking Clue tried hard to prevent it.
Also, managed not to kill feodoric with Tequila and Clocks.
Better luck next year.
The actual day of my birthday was entirely blah - this is likely because not telling anyone it's your birthday means it is largely ignored.
Yesterday was difficult for me and am really frazzled today.
My muscles are really sore today and I'm already wonder how, exactly, I'm going to accomplish this speed/strength month.
I wanted to write this big treatise on my life and what polyamory really means, why I like it, but I've been so down on it the last.. what? Year? that it is hard to give a damn, let alone write about how fantastic it is when it is fantastic. Especially when I am so distant from those good times.
It doesn't help that, as with most days, I fail to see anything remotely appealing with myself which makes it no wonder I have such a hard time maintain non-primary relationships at all.
I'm not sure how I'm going to get all my work done between now and 8/5.
Have so many excellent books to read and I keep foisting them off on moocowrich.
Sushi, in retrospect, on Monday was just so good.
mmm... eel.

Hmm.. my preorder of the new Au Revoir Simone didn't work.
Likely for the better as they didn't charge me.
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