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    List of things in super-important order
  1. At the suggestion of fliege_wasser, I've been monitoring my stride length when trying to increase pace; I've tightened it up and have seen improvement in my shorter
    distance speed.
  2. So, clearly something is working.
  3. It reduces my endurance on longer runs, which is expected with a higher turn-over in my steps, but it is less than I imagined though I need to work on faster pace endurance.
  4. Thus, July is my speed month which includes a two-pronged approach:
    • Faster runs at shorter-than-average distances - No more than 5 miles at a time.
    • Strength training in my core and legs.
    • None of which will replace my weekend long runs, though, as I still need that training for the half in August
      • I also really like them
  5. I need to rework my training weeks in the next two days to figure how this will work. It mostly means more training at the gym on weight machines as well as treadmill runs to force faster pace.
  6. I do dread the treadmill a bit as running outside is really nice. The positive is that the treadmill runs will be very, very short - 3.1 miles most of the time at a sub-30 minute pace.
    • Running faster makes it feel like I'm going to run into the TVs at P Club.

Lastly, Bikilas arrive today! I shall take them around the block tonight before dinner with lady_fox, moocowrich and his wife at The Haze.
Mm.. Barbeque.

Lastly2, going to Chicago to visit phoenix_snake and feodoric for the holiday. I expect too much booze on Saturday and a really odd run along the lake front Sunday morning.

Totally looking forward to it. :)

Also - been listening to Au Revoir Simone non-stop the last three days. Pre-ordered their next album. Yay!
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