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Yippy kai-aye-ay. tree hugger.

I took Xendrine today - ephedra free. It's a diet supplement like Metabolife, but I think a bit stronger. I, uh, i can't hold my hand still and I really want to go jogging or lift weights right now. Kinda crazy how much I want to work out after taking this stuff. Maybe oyu're supposed to eat a bigger breakfast with this stuff? My normal breakfast is a piece of fruit now. Eh. I feel good which is a plus, even if my eyes are vibrating. ;)

Sending out the survey to the entire division in a few minutes. Email server was down yesterday when I wanted to send it out. Glad I didn't though. I thought of more stuff to add to it. My TL said my survey was the most thorough of the three he'd seen. I rock. But long surveys are less ilkely to be filled out... but that's with volunteers. This is more of a captive audience with a sense of work related responsibility to accompany it. Hmm. hope I get good responses.

Edit: Now I'm feeling kinda weird. Like it's hard to focus my eyes. Strange effects.
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