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Apparently I have Morton's Toe which sounds as if it should grant me special powers of propulsion. Like Vecna's toe, or some such. And apparently I should wear orthotics
    The reason Morton’s Toe is often a precursor to musculoskeletal pain is its association with excessive pronation of the foot. When weight bearing, the longitudinal arch of the foot drops, and the ankle rolls inward.

Ha. Hahah ha. HA.

It does mean that I'm wacky shoe sizes.

So. Fox is off to Missouri this weekend. If I receive my nifty DT Madison gift certificate, I'll be doing super-manly things like drinking coffee and shopping downtown. Otherwise, I have no plans then. Sunday is already triple booked. Hrmmm.

I'm feeling down on running again because I am still running stupidly slowly.
I also had a shitty run last night in an attempt to run faster. I can't win. To run faster you have to, you know, run faster which my body apparently can't frickin' do.

At this rate, it will take me three hours to finish the half in August.
Not that I've demonstrated that I even can finish.

Grr. Arg. Monkeys.
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