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Your mom's all about hump day.

Today, I began gathering votes for the first T-shirt contest (which I organized) for my division. Three of the designs are wrangling for #1. And i also learned that Outlook's polling tracking functionality doesn't graph the results. LISTS OF RESULTS ARE JUST SO USEFUL.
Also, I had to work to get today's XKCD.

So.. I got this email from OkCupid....

Gotta run tonight. I'm thinking 5 miles or so on the Union-Picnic Point trail.

Last, I can't afford Bikilas this month and they just came in at Berkeley.
Sadness! #1stworldissues
And apparently my entire day is going to be dealing with Poll issues.
I learned today that IE8 cannot display illustrator files saved as JPGs.

WTF Microsoft?
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