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All it takes, I have learned, to get a good night's rest is an 11 mile run in the forest and three gallons of water.
Well, that and dinner with friends and a stupidly adorable schnoodle puppy.

No, you can't even type "schnoodle" without voiding some Man Points.

One of the neater benefits in my job is referral bonuses: someone you recommend getting hired nets you one.
One of the more insulting parts of this benefit is that my role nets a gift card, rather than cash like other roles, totaling less than 10% the sum of most other roles.

Last and positive, the gift card is good at all State Street shops which means I'm getting some new shirts this weekend.

So... Good overall is what I'm saying but feel vaguely undervalued.

Also, I'm not sore at all after that run today. I'm sort of concerned that I'm not working hard enough. As far as distance goes, it's hard to go much further than 10 miles especially when I'm running on harder surfaces. Eventually, my feet are just screaming from all the impact. Trails seem to reduce that trouble and, I think if I'd stayed on the dirt, I could have run far, far more than I did. As is, I came out of the arboretum after 7 miles and stayed on the road against the better "turn around, get lost again" voices in my head.

I'm a little concerned that my feet aren't getting accustomed to all the battering after all this. The race in August is mostly along sidewalks and streets. If I can't get used to pounding pavement, it's going to be very hard.

It could also be that my Sprints are getting pretty warn and aren't absorbing any of said impact.
But isn't that supposed to be a good thing?

And I also need to find a low GI energy bar to eat mid race. I figured out the best pre-run hydration and foods to last about 7 miles but that's only half the game.

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