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Soooo behind on 365 uploads.
Soooo behind.
Ran 10.5 miles yesterday. Bonked at 7 miles as I'd not eaten or hydrated well enough before; stopped at a gas station for some Vitamin Water Zero and a Powerbar and manged to make decent splits for the remaining 3 miles. Got caught in the rain, too, which was nice except that I hadn't brought a bad to wrap my phone in. It survived after spending a few hours in a bowl of un-cooked rice to wick the moisture out.
It was slow but I'm mostly OK with that.
Then stayed up way too late watching more West Wing with lady_fox. :)

I've also stopped listening to any music on my runs. It's been surprisingly nice. I find that I pace better and enjoy it more. I can listen to my body better, walk when I need to catch my breath before it becomes a real problem. Similarly, I feel calmer during said runs.

Going running tonight with a bunch of people - lady_fox, moocowrich and his wife. It'll be neat, nice and easy to picnic point to break in their new FiveFinger shoes. We all figure that my recovery runs after long runs are a good starting point for those who never run. They don't seem to understand how slow I am on my normal runs. :)

248 new hires today, including moocowrich.
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