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Just some things.

I think I'm in love. Just come in colors, ok?
I am way behind with uploading my 365 photos. And because I used Hipstamatic for some, the date order is all screwed up.
Still unmotivated to complete the project. Still pushing through... to a degree. It depends if you include iPhone photos as satisfying the project parameters.

Ran six point five miles two days ago.
Five point five yesterday. My calves aren't sore at all from either day; it would seem that the 4 rest days were sorely (har har) needed as I'm feeling much stronger and, according to DailyMile, running faster. Though yesterday, I hadn't eaten for seven hours prior to the run so bonked at mile three which killed my splits.
Currently on track for one hundred miles this month.

I ran seventy-nine miles in May.

New glasses next week!
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