The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Don't you know you're talking about a revolution

So, I was supposed to do some speed work yesterday. instead, I mowed the lawn and then didn't want to run. but I did anyway. I finished 2 and a quarter miles at 10:30 pace.

So, it was short. Shorter than it was supposed to be - the speed session is 6 repeats of 4 minutes fast x 1 minute slow for 30 minutes and roughly 3 miles. Still. At least I did something, anything to get my mood back in order.

I'm wondering if the Gatorade is causing me issues. It has sugar in it which may be causing my mood fluctuations. The problem is, nothing else hydrates me as well. Maybe I have to suck up the bad taste of the sugar alcohol drinks if the alternative is ever-descending grumpy moods.


Lastly, some people on DailyMile were tossing a meme around:
Take and post photos of your stride. Post for the group.

Thus: caveman steps above.

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