The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Running Heat

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Guh. 5 miles yesterday. The distance itself isn't the issue. In fact, now that I consistently run for multiple hours on weekends, 5 miles is darn right short.

Which is weird, but that's another story.

The problem, really, is the heat. And the pollen, probably. I couldn't catch my breath yesterday and my legs felt leaden and it made me pissy, angry all through my run. Add to it that I apparently sweat sulfuric acid and my eyes were constantly stinging and the sun was glaring and GRR it didn't rain enough during it to clear the sweat or reduce the heat and my left foot hurts in funny ways and..

It's not the distance. It's the weakness. I feel weak and slow when I run. It's enough to tempt me back to the treadmill where I can run for hours without stopping. But this is bad training as treadmills offer a false sense of fitness when getting ready for a race.

and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I'm not any faster now than a month ago. I don't feel any stronger or more fortitudinous when I'm out there. It's all just blah.

It's all very discouraging.

Yesterday was a bad run. That's what I'm trying to say.

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