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ok. okokokokokok. I am wearing shorts today, weather. Are you happy? Are you HAPPY inflicting my pasty-white Irish shut-in legs to the world. ARE? YOU? HUH?


Actually, I think I'm pleased enough with my legs to consider purchasing more shorts as this is my only pair. And they're a little too big now.

Runner legs. My calves are nuts.

Yesterday was a recovery day. I rode 14 miles in 45 minutes on the stationary bike at the blissfully cool gym.

I was feeling panicked about some household chores and the half marathon last night which translated into dreams with horses and puddles with sinkholes. The imagery is pretty obvious. I was riding the horse, which is what I'll need to finish the race, and fell in the first puddle when I got off it and drowned - in over my head.

My dreams.. they are uncreative. Just like me. :D

Lastly, I am utterly SHOCKED that the training plan generator at Runner's World doesn't have a 50k or 50 mile option.
APPALLING. But I did figure out have to save that output as a spreadsheet when can then be imported into Outlook.

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