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Hills and NO PICTURE

I am very tired today. This is because I have added a few days of weight training this week on top of half marathon training. This was either Brilliant! or Stupid!.
(See, the exclamation is part of the word; donc,the extra punctuation.)

This tiredness will be especially exciting tonight as I'm substituting hill intervals for the fartlek normally scheduled. Ostensibly, Hill Running Makes You Faster (question mark) and I can use the speed and variety. Maybe? At the very least, some ass-kicking running will be good for me. what part, I don't necessarily know but it certainly beats running P Club's track. I believe the track is to blame for all the falling but want to do some speed work outside to test. It could be my gait, but I doubt it.

This is the elevation map:

So, it isn't seriously difficult but I think I'll be huffing pretty hard by the end of it, which is why I added the cool-down jog on Westbrook.

I ran with people for the first time yesterday - the Berkeley Running Co VFF run I mentioned yesterday. Met two new people, one a marathon runner who works for the store and the other a rather adorable woman from Bellevillee, and had a nice run from the store to Picnic Point, which is the first time I've been there. The run was surprisingly hard for me. I think its the extra exercise I added and the Holy Crap High Pollen count of Doom yesterday. I didn't feel like I could catch my breath even though we were running slower than I run on my long runs.

Still. Nice running with people. And I'll be doing it again on Sunday.
I've currently boondoggled three other people to join me on the Monona Loop.

If you want to come, and you should, drop a comment and I can get you the details.

Lastly: I &hearts Berkeley's stock. They carry many of the Vibram shoes AND Injinji socks AND all the running energy foods/drinks I've been wanting to try. I'll get to try some of that stuff on my long run Sunday. I'm curious if the energy jellies will affect my pace or endurance. Cool stuff. :)
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