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From Penis Prank

"How long do you continue to take VIMAX PILLS?" asks the Web site for Vimax, one of the 25,000 penis pills on the market. The surprising answer: "Our recommendation is when you get to 8 inches stop taking VIMAX PILLS but the choice is up to you." But what if you don't stop at 8 inches? I could just imagine my penis growing to 44 or 45 inches in size, long enough to get the leaves out of my gutters in the springtime. That would be awesome.

But wait, there's more! In addition to "mind-blowing orgasms" and "improved sexual stamina," some pills can also "triple the amount of semen you produce." This is from, which promises, "it will flow out all over your girlfriend drowning her in your semen. The power of your ejaculation will improve so when your orgasm is 'shoots out'." That's a direct quote. I think that all of us want improve so when our orgasm is "shoots out." I know I do.

EDIT: The colors of my Outlook Calendar is such that today happens to be entirely brown. Suck.
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