The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

With Milk and Road Tar

With Milk and Road Tar

Do you realize I spent about five minutes, no exaggeration, debating using "just" instead of "way" in the text on this? Really. People wonder why I don't edit poetry that frequently or, seemingly, at all. It's because I scrutinize every freaking word lver and over and over. I write a haiku, once, that took seven hours to finish; plus, in class we debated for about twenty minutes the placement of a comma.

It s glorious.

Until the professor said haiku are supposed to be about nature.

And I was shocked. Convention? Tradition? Screw that noise, yo.

So. Yesterday was a recovery day. Im nit supposed to run on recovery days. Walk, row, cycle, hopscotch - anything but run. But, as I fancy a future where I run every day, I ran a very easy mile and a half at the gym after some weight training. Today? Well, today my legs feel far better than they did last Tuesday. Note that last Monday I did only a long walk after my 8 mile run the previous day.


I think next Sunday I may run the lake. It is... 12 miles? I expect a few walk breaks but, if the wind is even, it should be a fantastic run.

Shit. I'm actually excited about it.

And tomorrow's four miles. And maybe even the hill intervals I have planned for Thursday because I fucking hate fartleks on the track.

I think I'm going to break 30 cumulative this week unless the lesser demons in my head win and I do extra speed work which tends to cut down on miles.

I've lost my mi d. List my mind
Crazy, done gone and lost my mind
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