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Had an good run yesterday. The first half was excellent and the last half was kind of terrible - not because of energy levels, but because I didn't consider the roads I was intending to use. The first half was well protected from the wind and relatively flat. The second half was dead-on into a hard headwind and eventually the bike lanes and sidewalks vanished, forcing me to run on gravel and far too closely to cars.

Oh, yeah, and it was my first double digit run. Overall, my pace was kind of blah - especially with the headwind. I'm realizing that the treadmill is a damn liar regarding my fitness. Running flat and without wind makes you think you can run better than you can. I learned this last Friday with the evil hills and reminded yesterday as my pace is about a minute slower outside because of, you know, reality. It's... a little frustrating and, at the same time, bolstering insofar as I'm determined to get faster and hardier. That I had little trouble finishing 10 miles yesterday is awesome.

Having a schedule, a course of training and a race date does a ton to focus your drive, to motivate you.

I read Ultramarathon Man this weekend. Inspirational. And Frightening. Dean Karnazes is an incredible athlete, one I will never be. I don't think I can bring myself to run 100 miles through Death valley twice. Even after reading about his first ultra and the subsequent injuries, I still think 50k or even 50 miles is a reasonable goal.

Well... maybe not reasonable. Achieveable.

But. Let's get past the 13.1 first then start thinking about running 10 miles a day.
You know, when I'm faster

Last week, I ran 26 miles. People I follow on DailyMile did that in a day on Sunday at numerous marathons.

I'm only nominally sore today.
uh... Checked my training schedule and I was supposed to run 9 yesterday...
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