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5k in 29 minutes - roughly - last night. I don't remember if I did 4 or 5 minutes of warm-up. Either way, I sustained a ten minute mile for the whole run which I haven't done in a while. So, it's good to see those numbers again. I think that this was a little too fast for the intention of the short run training - which is to stay between zone 2 and 3 - as I couldn't sustain it much past those 3 miles.

Though, according to the training plan, I'm not supposed go much past zone 2. I think this training plan assumes a level of fitness a little below mine, maybe. My heart rate monitor said, assuming it is properly calibrated - which is to say, I don't think it is yet-, I was well into zone 4 for most of the run. I believe the max heart rate I entered is close to correct but not complete. Today, as part of my fartlek run, I'm going to figure out my max rate. Which is to say I'm going to be running really hard for a portion of my fartlek to see how close I get to my estimated max as calculated by a number of formulas - 194.

I doubt there will be much difference in the final number but I won't trust the monitor percentage calculations until I get a number through hard exercise.

I don't expect I should die.

Depending on which site I read, I'm either in "excellent" shape or "average." The criteria for the former seems to be the regularity of your 1 hour or more exercise sessions. Is that an average of all sessions that week?

I never thought I"d post this much about fitness. Not in a bazillion years.

Which is to say, your Mom's a fartlek training session.

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