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I do intend, really - one of these days -, to get back on the "upload-the-day-you-take-it" bent for this project. I've told myself to stop using my iPhone, no Hipstamatic, photos for at least a week. Maybe that will help me get over this vague.. ennnuuiiiiii over the project.

Hello, my name is Creatively Bereft.

I've completely lost count. Again. Of the things I remember, the count of 365 photo is far from important, let me tell you; generally, I have a mind like a steel trap, especially for useless details regarding the environment from a conversation. It's a great skill.

I'm in a class today, a class I've been intending to take for 3 years. Good week I chose, too, with all the flaming wreckage pouring down from the ceiling. I should probably get that checked.

Short run tonight. I'm bumping my speed up 10% to see if I can make the scheduled 3 miles at a faster pace than last week. I want to do 4 at that pace as I'm seeing direct increases in my race pace when I sustain 60-75% heart rate during short runs already. It's fantastic so I want to push it and see the result. If I have to walk, I have to walk and I don't care. I'm just starting to feel like a greater than 6mph race pace is possible and I want to work for it.

But then I start thinking about finishing the race in under 2 hours. And then I try to calm down because that would be cool and just left of implausible.

Free tonight. No plans. nooo... plaaaaans.

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