The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I read article about Hubble, which turns 20 this week, that was rather glowing in its "Hubble-is-awesomeitude". But ended on the following:
    At some point, the telescope will break down. Eventually, NASA expects to deorbit it and send it crashing down over the Pacific.

Sure, there's a new 'scope in the works but still.... Why would you finish an article on such a downer, as it were? Hubble is still producing mind-bendingly awesome pictures and useful research. It is, in fact, a marvel of technology.

You jerks.

Today. Today is.... Today, I suppose. It is Crazylegs Classic and I'm surprisingly sad I didn't know. It's a five mile run around downtown; five miles I could do at a not embarrassing pace (maybe). I've added a reminder to sign up for it next year on my Calendar for the first day of last month next year.

Madison Marathon is May 30th. They have a quarter marathon course. 6.6 miles.... Could you get ready for that in a month? Less than a month?

Feeling weird, likely some amount of tired and nervous.
Probably just need more coffee.

At least I'm having a good beard day.
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