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Some words of wisdom from Of Montreal, you know.. the band that did that Outback commercial.
If youre feeling old and grey and the pallet in your hand is Auntie Lime; Remember to curve your virginity, little Chinese titty.
Apart from waking like an Ogre today, I feel pretty awesome.

Going for another long run today after I get a TB test. Long in the sense that I'm trying to make 7 miles my minimum running distance to work into half-marathon shape. So maybe that makes it less "long" and more "get-used-to-it-suck" run. God, I run so slowly.

I'm flying out to New Jersey for site support the first few days of May and they require up-to-date records of these things. No coughing blood on the emergent cases. No no. That would be rude. Working night shifts again because apparently I'm awesome. Fly back early Tuesday. I think I'm going to take my recovery day that Friday for a super-awesome free three day weekend. What will I possibly do wth myself?

What indeed?

Lastly, which is to say I'll probaly add like six more things to this today, I'm kind of scoffing at recent OkC conversations. A recent batch seem unable to or uninterested in maintaining conversations. In one case, we seem to be doing wel enough, too. I'm working pretty hard, here! Some people don't seem to ask questions or invetigate my interests as much as I do theirs. This, likely, may be me expecting too much but the last person I met from OkCupid was a fantastic conversationalist. Or they read my LJ and were "Who the shit is this freak?"

That's probably more likely.

    "Bitch, be cool."
    "Be cool, honeybunny."

    You dig?

Gosh, what else is there to say besides "It's Friday!" and "I'm wearing some kickin' threads.
I like you cause you look like a giraffe stretching out it's neck to get to fruit in a tall tree.

I am so interested in a super early morning phlogging session one of these Saturdays at the Farmer's Market

Oh shit yeah, nerdlinger
Early? Like 10pm?

No, early like 4 am, slightly before the sun and when most of the farmers are setting up.

Oh, I am so all over that.
4AM only exists when it was ushered in by Korean Elvis

Look, 4am exists irrespective of Elvis' country of origin.

No, look. it was a reference to pop culture.
Could we go for a run after the picture taking is done?

Hey, that's a great idea. A run after said phologging?

Oh sure, I hate myself as much as you do!
Korean Elvis doesn't run.

Then a really, stupidly big breakfast at Sunroom Cafe on State.

You're on like Donkey Kong
Korean Elvis doesn't eat.

Where can I get a velvet Elvis?

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