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Bicorbonated bone structure.

It is very, very trying to write an email, survey and explanation that will be going to both internal employees on every team for my application as well as representatives if each customer that uses my application.

I've suddenly become overwhelmed and, potentially, overwhelmingly important. Gotta be careful to do this right.

Had dreams last night about getting piles and piles of mail at work. I think tat's a similar subconscious overwhelmed feeling. That sucks. I think, honestly, I'm taking this a little too seriously - especially given that I have very liquid and/or nebulous deadlines. Frustrating, but workable.

EDIT: Oddly, I feel better about everything when i talked to a teammae that implied he had nothing to do. Strange how him having little an me having much makes me feel less overwhelmed. Maybe it's because this was the guy that had 50 logs to do during the last two weks and came in for a few ghours those weekends. Eh?

I'm weird.
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