The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Shooter Fox

I'm in a class today and I have a full lunch hour. Crazy stuff, this going outside in the middle of the day. It is remarkable, as an office dweller sans windows, how nice and bright it is out here. Here in the outside world. It makes me reconsider running during the lunch hour. I could get three to five miles in and still shower... But I'd be sweaty fir the resort of the day, even with a shower. Je pas, je pas...

I think the trainer may like me, you know: in that way. Which is both cool and frustrating because she is the monogamous type but vie had a crush on her for years at this point. I also found her on OkCupid a few months prior, right after her divorce. I still have no idea how to properly, that is carefully broach the topic, especially with a coworker wherein the whole thing becomes a whole Other Thing, you see.

Which is to say I am, mostly likely, over thinking it.
Well, that is likely a given, je suppose.

I have the desire to build a gallery show of modern lo-fi photography. 3 megapixels or less. I have no idea how one goes about this, like procuring space on another's dime. Or, really, many dimes.

I'm feeling vaguely French after watching An Education yesterday. Je l'aime bien.
Ça va?.
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