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Evil in its totality

There we go. I am now rehydrated and not feeling sick. Oddly enough this happend while watching bits of Matrix Revolutions, which is less an analgesic(see stupefacient and antidontalgic) and more a besetment (see botheration and nudnick). [note: two sentences in and I've raised your IQ by a point] [note to tose that are not here: Electra is ultra lovey right now]

Did the dorky outing last night (same as last week) and hung out at Barnes and Noble with coffee and a book. I chose The Art of Photoshop as I'm always looking to improve my skills. My first thought of the book was "Wow! I wish I could do that." To which my ego (and lady_fox)replied, "you already can." Lo, t'was true. I undertsood all the weird things the author was trying to do with the piece, both visual and digitally. That threw me for a loop. I guess I'm past what books can teach me about the program and just need to keep using and fine-tuning my work ('cuz it's oh so hard and painful to do it[facetious]

Evil Sam evetually joined us in all his surly glory. He swore so much within the first minute (literally) that a family with a small child scowled, scoffed and left the table next to us. I found this remarkably funny, as did Foxy. We went and got victuals (the primary definition for this is kinda funny). Rather, Evil ate, I had a beer, and Foxy felt guilty while eating the sinfully delicious cheesecake, brownie sundae thingy. Then we came home, I got trashed while Evil flipped through softcore porn and Foxy went to bed (for she has work today).

Porn is funny. Porn documentaries are better. HBO has a weekly series called Pornocopia - which apparently exists only in tag lines to adult products rather than a real website - which is surprisingly good (in both titillating and non-tit ways [pun intended]). I cannot, however, remember the content of the episode last night - not because I was really, really, really drunk on the drinks Sam mixed +3 shots of vodka [which I was] - because Evil and I were talking about how silly porn is and how bad The Simpsons got when Conan O'Brien left.

You know what I hate? "This was my day" posts. Dammit >_the only post I made in December 2003</a> (ya know, before I was addicted to this thing).
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