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Hand in Hand

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Boy. Work, right? Man. It's all... worky.
I'm having trouble motivating my team to jump in and grab work during our communal testing assignment session. It seems to be a "who breaks first" situation now and that isn't working. We can't afford to wait so long; I'm telling the team either they speak up or we're just going to round-robin assign stuff.

Except that I', not necessarily part of that round-robin stuff. Which seems unfair even though I don't have the same testing time available. I think I need to stop feeling guilty for being a manager.

  1. Ate tapas last night which included snails. Mmm... snails.
  2. Also watched way too much "How I Met Your Mother" last night.
  3. Trying to get back into weight training. The gym is so damn inconvenient to get to now.
  4. I am suddenly super-damn-slow on my runs, like 2 to three minutes slower than last summer.
  5. AND I have no endurance. What the hell? I could run steady for 90 minutes before the winter and now I can barely finish 2 miles without soreness overcoming my legs.
  6. LAME. Want to be fit and skinny NOW!

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