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I think I'm flying to Kentucky tomorrow? Maybe? One of my team members is sick, can't make a trip. Another is scheduled for 16 days in a row and wants to flip dates. Sick guy was all "I'll totally take your last trip if you take my trip this week." She was like.. "I dunno about this 4 night shifts split by two plane rides and then a full week of working." And I was all "dude, I'll totally rock Kentucky and you guys still swap" and they were all like "yay! We don't have to die" and I was all "shit, do I have money for hotel nights?"

True story.

So that should be great. I preemptively took the 5th off so I can sleep if I need to after a bunch of night shifts.

That's not true. I enjoy working nights.
It's all about the iPad.

Also: Yay Nikon
Also also: I just found my media storage and local file backup solution

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