The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

A Man, A Plan, A Kilt, A Tliknal: Panama

Some days, my life is a little quirky. Here;s the last hour:

  • Clip talons off pound of chicken feet.
  • Build stewing liquid - mustard, soy, ginger, onion, water.
  • Start feet simmering.
  • Start quart of water adn half pound of bacon boiling
  • Strip naked.
  • Strip collard greens from stems.
  • Dress for photo.
  • Run outside, setting off neighbor dogs and place tripod.
  • Run inside, drop greens into bacon water. Reduce to simmer. Poke chicken feet,
  • Run outside, test light, focus manually because friggin remote isn't working again.
  • Run in, poke greens.
  • Take lots of photos. Curse broken remote.
  • Run in, poke greens.
  • Run out, freak dogs out, take more photos, get a number of very weird looks from neighbor.
  • Run in, poke greens. Put on pants.
  • Edit photos while poking greens. :)

    A Man, A Plan, A Kilt, A Tliknal: Panama

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