The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

The last week

But I May Have Liked It

So. lady_fox and I visited my Dad and my sister who flew in from Sweden on Saturday.

Friday night rocked. We went out with shortcakeness and angels_ember and laughed a few bazillion pounds off between some absolutely fantastic martinis at Talula on the East Side. We got in a little late and a little tipsy and found the back door unlocked. Crap. Look through the house. Everything is fine. Went to bed. At three AM, I awake to a light on in the house that I did not remember turning on. Shit. Need to investigate. Need a weapon of some sort.

Wake Fox to have her listen and call the police as necessary. I get the mag light, throw on boxers and investigate. Every room, every closer. Nothing. After fox recalls thinking, in her somewhat tipsy state remarking on how bright the fog was when she went to bed. Seems like we just forgot to turn it off before sleeping. Oh well.

Get up two hours later and drive to Ikea. We spend the next two hours going throgh each floor twice with a list of things we're seeking. We find an excellent kitchen table in just the right dimensions as well as fantastic chairs, all of which will fit qite well into the aesthetic we're building in the first floor. Sweet! Lets get 'em!

Swipe card. Rejected. Huh? Clerk states that the machine has been funky all day and tries again. This time, it actually asks for my signature before dumping me back as an evil credit user. Hrrm..

Call back and literally, as I"m just getting transferred to a human, get an in-coming call from Chase's fraud division. Somebody has stolen my credit card! The one right here in my hand!

Wait, why has my card been stolen? APPARENTLY, some unsavory person had purchased a bunch of computer equipment Friday at 7:29 am. Over 24 hours ago. Um, yes. That was me. I bought an iPad.

OH. Well. This unsavory person has also tried to buy a whole bunch of Swedish-inspired furniture!

Yes, also me. can I please buy all these things?

Oh. Ok.

Swipe card. Purchase furniture. Sweet! Fox goes of to pick up the packages and I take the car into the loading dock. After some super Tretris box stuffing, we come to the glass top on the table.

It won't fit. It is exactly inch too long and too wide to either shut to the door or twist it to hang the corner out the window.

Shit. Call my Dad. No, it's a crap shoot that it'll fit there.

Maybe we can ship it from Ikea. $59! Yay!
No, we're outside all their delivery zones. Delivery will be $250... which is more than the table cost. What else? Why, I can rent a uhaul!

Uhaul guy: You can absolutely rent a truck. but you have to bring it back here. By 5pm.

Get phone call from my sister. I have landed! Come get me from the airport!
Um.. we're kind of stuck at Ikea. Is a cab ok? Sure! I"m going to fall asleep!(Shes pretty awesome for not being upset for taking a taxi)

Ok.. options? Dad's car might fit the glass... but really unlikely.
Call other sister with an SUV? At work. Unreliable.
Call brother with truck? Um.. really, really unreliable.
Call friends in Madison with large vehicles? Um... probably terribly mean on short notice?

Fox: Maybe we should take the hint and not gtet this stuff.
Me: Sold! Or not, as it were!

So, after three hours, an hour of which was twisting, turning and twitching at these boxes. We got two pillows and as photo frame though!

Which brings me to this:
I COMPLETELY FORGOT to take a photo yesterday for the reasons above. Which, of course, means I'm a loser and ruined this damn project.
But I did get to chill with my Dad and expat sister and then feodoric and phoenix_snake.

Such a crazy day.


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Can I just say that all the snw here? Gone in less than a week. This is litterly a ditch that goes down twenty feet into the park and it was even with the street. I could just walk out onto a friggin' glacier.

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