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The Magic in Death: an Illusion uncovered in the Thaw

I have to say, I rather enjoy devising super-Emo title for photos. I hear told that Flckr's Explore/Interestingness monkeys tend to reward long, cryptic titles.

And boobs. Wow, does Flickr Explore have a penis.

Or maybe it's just that men spend more time looking for sexy photos on Flickr?


I've been contemplating as of late how, exactly, to divide my LJ. I don't exactly section off things, I've never had an especially good method for doing so and it is only getting more muddled now essentially all posts have a photo attached.

The only thing that gets filtered at all is my Twitter export... but my Twitter account is public. So that's ultimately pointless.

I don't filter family or life posts because why should I hide any of that?

Photos are what I do so everyone should see that.

Maybe I just need to post photos and processing as one entry; Life and Stuff as another, filtered to people who would ether care - friends, relatives, people I like on LJ; and then... other? I don't know.

How do you filter your journals? Do people still bother with LJ or should I just fully transition to my WordPress and Portfolio site?

Does filtering matter? Am I only doing to foster a particular image - namely as some uber-special, aloof artist who only shows his photos to the world and the rest of you get to suffer my madness and terminally boring family posts and run-on sentences?

Help me LJ, you're my only hope.

Lastly, totally need to use my mood indicators more. Love those little icons.

Climbing through Corners
Let's debate what "self-portrait" means.

Burn Away the Snow
What? Yes, I'm sitting in the snow....

You finally made a Monkey out of Me.
I love you, Dr. Zaius.


Just Me

Today was WEIRD

I Love this Lamp

I'm going to try to start posting weekly recaps very Sunday.
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