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Photography Geekery

For those of you "in the know" area aware of my passionate and probably-a-little-degrading-but-in-a-yummy-way love affair with Hipstamatic (Twitter, iTunes)

It produces photos like this one:
Nice Buns (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

You get a variety of lenses (processing styles), film types (frames) and flashes (uh.. color enhancement?) which make iPhone photos really neat. It has a community and regular contests - in fact, clicking the photo above will take you to my photo to vote on it for the Overindulgence contest currently running.

I... really like this application. I'm kind of obsessed with pop art photography.
many of you are smacking your heads. No duh.

I'm sort of hoping it evolves into an editing app on the iPad so I can apply the filtering to existing photos rather than s I'm taking them


Look'eet Dem Lips

Shadow Cat

Red Door

Helga Me

3 Generations Of Foxes

Testing Hipstamatic
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