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Sweet zombie jesus!

Today has been a long day already. Like "2001" long... like watching baseball during prohibition long. I mean long. Everything I've tried to do is broken, so I can't o. Or, what's 10x worse is that it's working fine and I missed something obvious.

I could totally enjoy a day like the former. If it's broken adn not my fault, I get to watch the stream on LJ which has excellent opportunity to poke fun at assfingers (which all of you, even those that don't know him should do) or dragonflyknight. It also gives time to mention kirstygold, who defies all scottish stereotype, specifically by name since she'd get a kick out of.

But no. In the latter case, which generally is masquerading as the former, means that much of the time spent trying to fix the broken-ness interspersed with my net surfing is a really bad thing. Frustration abound. It's fixed now and work that should have taken roughly 15-20 minutes took 2 whole hours instead.

On a good note, I've become the resident usability advocate. That is, I get to use my degree. let me say that again:

I'm using my psych degree now!

Now that we're all clear on that, let me explain. Many moons ago this guy wrote this book which changed the face of human-machine interaction and revitalized the psychology created by this guy.

I am now responsible for reworking the interface, the worst part of the interface, of Epic's scheduling software. I get to work with other QAers to essentially make the program user friendly, which has recently come up as a huge issue to the user. Customers are scared of the product. <gir>It is so massive.</gir>.

Because human-computer interface is the modern equivalent, or rather the evolved form of Herr Hugo's I/O psych, I am official using my psych degree. While I was doing this before, now it's part of my job description. You really have no clue what this means to me. Nor do you realize that this is an excuse to make an ordered list :)
    This means:
  1. I have not wasted college.

  2. It will be easier to get into graduate school.

  3. I have not wasted my father's money.

  4. I am one of few Beloit graduates I know using his degree.

  5. I feel better about my situation.

That last is less important that it seems. I love and enjoy my job. Now, it just means that much more to me. Also, since I can list HCI as part of my job, grad schools will love me.

I never thought I'd work in I/O. I actually didn't much like it when I studied it, going to far as to poke fun at Schwa about it. Go figure, ne? This means, also, that I am even more successful than previously believed. I was going to bring up doing exactly this sort of thing next Monday with my team lead. I was going to ask about getting into the HCI aspects of this job and help teak the usability class (our word for HCI). Now, I've done exactly that. With this experience it will be very easy to get into the usability training.

Hmm... teaching I/O on top of current stuff? Awesome. My six month goal list is writing itself already. Good god, I feel really jazzed about this.

Now, I just need to hook up a free PhD. from epic so I can be their resident usability expert. :) That will be in the future, not within the next six months. Maybe for my 1 year.


Very exciting... but now Ed Schultz is playing Ace of Base. This guy is the democratic Rush Limbaugh.
I also enjoy playing with the <font face> code.
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