The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

We Approve of Our Throne, Yes

We Approve of Our Throne, Yes

Ok, can I just say here the following:
1) I love antiques and "antiquing," as it were.
2) I am quite straight.

I've been trying to find some 70's modern furniture for the living room in our house. My favorite antiques mall just opened their new space so I went this weekend. Holy cow, so much fantastic furniture, including this throne - one of a matching set.

And I want them. They won't fit anywhere in the house as they're this odd blend of Ming oriental carving and Victorian fabric (it may be original, but it looks wrong to me). They are INCREDIBLE and I want them.

But, I did find some great orange leather chairs that could work as extra seating. Andd some really fantastic lamps that need to be rewired.

Oh yeah. Love antiques.
Also: straight, thanks.
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