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Work is freedom.

I love having optical insurance. Good percentages off of frames. Ill save a few dozen dollars on new glasses. I think I'm going to look into this on Friday.

I apologize for the earth of substnce here. My thoughts have been on photography, getting the site up etc. I'm also looking into a site that will help me make those T-Shirts I designed. kaylithin suggested I only know of, which [Bad username: _sterno_"] wares. But I don't think there is any way for me to make any sort of money off of, even a few bucks per shirt sold. Not sure what to do with that. Any ideas?

I've got 300 saved for my new camera so far. That's about 1/4 of what I need. So far I'm looking at a Canon or Nikon, with the newer Canon Rebel seeming decent, if not ideal. I don't like that it limits its continuous shots to 4 per second. But, that is pretty fast.

Hey, earthdotprime what do you know about digital SLR? I don't have the time or money to do real film, though I will at some point.

My Mother has fallen off the face of the Earth. So, I don't think she'll be much help at the moment. I'll try contacting her when I'm closer to my goal money.

Anyone want to give me some money for the camera??? Any one? Beuller? :)

I never realized that SLRs could get as expensive as $8k. Crazy. I'm guessing I'm not ready for that much Camera. Not until I'm doing photography, or art in general, professionally.

Blah. I'm even bored by this post.


PS: I have strawberries to munch all day. You are envious.
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