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OH NOES!  2010.39

Ok, look. I love Tuesdays. Like, a lot. they are the only day where I can get 6 to 8 contiguous hours of straight testing time.
And it reminds that, yes, Virginia God is a butt I do enjoy that aspect of my job.

Tuesdays are also date night, the night where lady_fox and I actually go out and do something together. Um, but we failed the last two times to go see a movie so we're setting our goals very carefully tonight. We will see this damn movie, damn it, or destroy Madison in the process.

That's right. I'm in your city, killing your dudes.

In other randomly awesome news, those of you that follow me on Twitter may have seen my idle speculation regarding WebDAV servers and the creation thereof as opposed to internet accessible NAS storage. I did some research and found good tutorials for creating my very own cloud storage device that looked.. doable...
See here:
WebDAV wiki
WebDAV DIY resources

So, yeah. Some coding and some minor new hardware and I could do it in a weekend.. maybe.

Well, I checked in with my webhost to discover that, low and behold, they have a one-click WebDAV server feature.
I clicked. It installed. I uploaded from Aperture and downloaded to my iPhone.

In 20 minutes.
So... I have proof-of-concept that I can have a dedicated cloud storage solution for my photography that is accessible anywhere I can have wifi or 3g. Yeah. THat's kind of nuts.

Add to this that I did a good thing for DreamHost a few months back that granted me life time unlimited storage and data transfer for life. Fuck. Yes. Unlimited cloud storage and access for photography. Now, add to it fun stuff like an Eye-fi card and a point-of-service wifi extender, I can upload photo in the field pretty much anywhere. Through a sync-capable directory to said server and I can have my portfolio, constantly up-to-date with me at al times on either my phone or impending iPad

(I think I just geek squeed.)

That's kind of lower priority, the ultra-mobile studio thing. But an eye-fi card is high on the purchase list because it will upload photos to the cloud for me.

And I am reeeaallly laazzyyy.

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