The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Night Shifts

Night Shift 2010.9

So, I survived night shifts. Actually, I rather enjoyed this go live. The doctors were all interesting and great discussion. The nurses were smart, savvy and hilarious. The system worked perfectly. In fact, I answered more questions about iPhones than their new EMR, which was both amusing and annoying.

The hardest thing was all the delays at the airport yesterday. I returned home about three hours late after getting up at 2, having a full 13 hour shift, driving to Akron and dealing with the travel.

Fox ordered dinner as requested and I ate, watched an episode of Castle - I mistakenly ordered it on site when exploring the Amazon app during a slow period - and promptly passed out until noon today. Got up. Shoveled and am now watching Star Trek and uploading photos with an Electra curled up on my lap.

I'm enjoying my recovery day. Feeling a little blah but cheerful. Will likely take Friday off after dealing with deadlines this week.

Missed Fox. Missed cats. Mised house. Glad to be home.
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