The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

  • Good week
  • Apparently we no longer always get half of New Year's Eve off.
    • Technically I should work all day tomorrow but instead I just requested the afternoon off which is way better than working.
  • I've been watching so much Star Trek that I had Trek-themed dreams last night. Trek-themed sexy dreams.
  • I wore the chicken hat today.
    • It messed up my hair.
    • I think it's actually a rooster hat.
  • Next month is the first mortgage payment and we still haven't a sublet.
    • Welcome to house-poorness.
  • New QAer next month for coverage.
    • Apparently, me constantly pushing on management actually produces results quickly.
    • Now to get a QA Pony....
  • I've been shooting film again but have so little desire to develop the rolls.
  • My DSLR barely fits into my Man Bag but not with the Mini in there at the same time.
  • My Dad purchased us a rather nice tool set for Xmess.
    • "rather nice" being an understatement.
    • Reciprocating saw.
    • Impact hammer.
    • Screw gun.
    • Circular saw.
    • And other stuff to lop off my excess limbs.

    No no no. Really. Your mom.
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