The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Transforming the Magpie

Rememvber the3 Great Dining Room Debacle of Naught-Nine?
Of course you do because you have nothing better to do than remember all the details of my itty-bitty life.

Well! The furniture delivered on Saturday EARLY, as in before the scheduled time which is both phenomenal and awesome, such that I feel I must ascribe the following word to American TV's delivery service - phenomenawesome - which is something one shouldn't do with abandon.

Upon reception of the goods, I disabled the power and removed the old pendant light. This went well. Then I spent the next one.five hours wrestling with the iron chain to the new light such that I could hang said light from said chain. Eventually I succeeded but not without bruises - cuts from slipped pliers, a rather impressive smash-induced skin tearing from a poorly placed hammer strike.

Then I spent the next hour hanging said light. The electrical work is simple enough as one needn't worry about Hot V. Cold lines for a simple set of lamp bases. Also, the mounting bracket includes a ground wire simply attached.

Normally. Normally, dear reader, these things are accomplished in a straight forward manner but such is not the case when you are me. Doing said things while standing on a chair, arm and a half extended above your head holding screwdrivers and wire caps in your one hand's fingers is.... tricky. But! I eventually won and we have a lovely new chandelier in the space.

Then, as we need dishes enough for 8-ish for Thanksgiving, I went a purchased dish wear and table settings.

And accessories because I fucking love accessories. Because I am fucking manly.

So! Without further typification, I give you....



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