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I said yesterday we were just looking at dining sets? Just looking?

Well.. we found this gorgeous traditional dinning table in the "As Is" section of American TV marked down 60% with one matching set chair (this set but in black). They have claw feet, people.
But, because we are NOT traditional styled, Fox found some really simple contemporary chairs in the same finish that we dragged around to three tables, all over the showroom floor, to check the style matching. Because she's awesome and we're intense like that. :)

So we bought 5 of those chairs, the traditional table and matching chair. But! Not before we went to Home Concepts, saw a chandelier, and then exclaimed, in unison mind you, "That would work perfectly with that table!" The chandelier was 75% off. We bought it first... then bought the furniture. Cause we're weird like that.

Also, two of the chairs were essentially free because of an additional sale we were able to manipulate. How's that for bargain-fu? O_O

I'm tired today. It's only Wednesday. So much unpacking yet to do. So much work on the pile.
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