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AUGH! Internet! No internet at the house yet because Charter is a little funny and can't tie into existing lines. Since they have no line in our junction box, they'll totally be happy to dig up our garden in the Spring to install one. isn't that great? Kill the plants, maybe move the deck? Really? AND you'll charge us for the utility work? SWEET!

I mean, no. NO. We'll just reinstate the TDS connection the previous owners had, thanks. Go away.

So, the move went quite well with the exception of the movers being 4 hours late. Their first move that morning didn't go well. The woman hadn't finished packing, had no elevator to her 3rd floor apartment, and made them rearrange the truck every few hours to protect her stuff. We, on the other hand, said "don't move this stuff, the rest is yours" and promptly dove for cover. Which is why our move only took 3.5 hours.

/is awesome

My god, people, the stuff shoved in that apartment. How did we gather so much EVEN THOUGH we purged so much over the years at the same time. We doubled the number of bins we needed - 30 some 43-gallon bins. Plus the extra living room set we won in that raffle. Just nuts.

I fear the future because of how much storage the house has. Every room has a large closet or built-in shelving, if not two sets of each. Crazy-sauce.

Now, we're about half moved in. We figured out how to program the heating system in 6 time slots, not just two. The kitchen is almost done. Dish Network ran a line into the den (through a window, unfortunately, but done well enough to be less destructive). The cats are adjusting - even Electra is doing Ok at this point. She'll be fine by mid-week, I think. Well, as fine as she ever is. :)

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