The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Aside from stupid politics giving syphilis to the next generation, I'm in a pretty good mood.

I am a bad person for the following reasons:

  1. I spent $140 this weekend

  2. 100 of that was on a new webcam which I haven't st up yet

  3. The rest was on bar hopping with many friends

  4. I haven't even considered Xmas gifts yet</i>
  5. I have no clue what to do for lady_fox's birthday

Yesterday was day 'o Buffy. Like 8 hours of watching season (EDIT)87, which Fox bought yesterday. saw Hero on Friday..... words cannott describe how amazing that movie was for me. Saturday was bar hopping plus free dinner at one of the best restaurants in Madison.

That was out of order. Suffice it to say that this weekend was fun but unproductive. I still have no clue what design to give me website. Yet, things have fallen into place. Next up: get a real camera. I found some for 300 dollars, but I don't trust them. Need to research.

now I feel overwhelmed. My web host doesn't run php, which is ridiculous. Iris is being surly at me to ask for a refund and switch to Addi's weird Mexican host that I know nothing about. How does one say "I'm sorry, I found a better deal. can I have my money back on a domain I've already started using?"

Any way. Looking forward to doing photography semi professionally when I get the site up and a better camera. I think I'll look for places to submit my pictures.

I still need to edit "Inofnography."

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