The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I ran 7 miles yesterday in 85 minutes:
  • 65 at 5.2 miles/hour.
  • 5 minute rest at 2.9 miles per hour.
  • 15 minutes at 5.5 miles per hour.

    I'm finding things I decidedly enjoy about running lately, moreso as I increase distance and speed carefully.

    Firstly, I'm starting to prefer the treadmill though it is a poor substitute for running outside, in the sun, wind, rain. I get instant feedback and know if I'm running faster or slower than my last run. It is consistent, constant, meaning that I can control my pace more easily and not care about changes in grade affecting my pace. I can audit my gait for more easily on a treadmill wthout shifting terrain, rocks, or dodging people and their very curious what's-on-your-feet-there dogs.

    Actually, that last part is a big deal. On Wednesday, I cut my run short because I was feeling some uncomfortable pressure in my intestines. I thought, at the time, it was the treadmill being off level. It was, a little, but I encountered the same issue yesterday too on a different mill. Rather than get frustrated or changing machines I mentally assessed what I was doing. I was leaning a little far back in trying to keep my back straight. I relaxed and leaned forward a bit more and the pressure was gone in about half a mile. That's neat.

    But more, generally I really like the feeling of blood pumping through my toes and joints and the easing of tension as I warm. I seem to have medicore circulation until I start running. Yesterday, my feet were chilly and my joints stiff when I got to the gym. I got up n the mill and set the time and pace and hurked and jerked for the first mile.

    I'd like to take a second to point out how weird "the first mile" seems to me, he who hated The Mile in junior high school.

    But by the second miles my toes were toasty and loose, my gait was even and consistent. My knees, quads and ankles felt strong, smooth and fluid. I could feel that zen state envelop my perception. It's kind of like a awrm blanket and burned marshmalows. It's comforting and nostalgic, not like real nostligic, because let me tell you, my memories of running are hardly pleasant. It's more that wistful relection you get when doing something that reminds you of your grandma's house or your favorite childhood food. It's safety. Security.

    I never really believed I'd get to this point. The point where running is a release of tension, something I enjoy. Some thing I anticipate on crappy workdays.

    I hope that this fascination with that feeling doesn't abate quickly.

    And it is snowing. First snow of the season. :) I guess Fall is done.
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