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Last week wasn't a fluke. I ran 65 minutes straight yesterday on the dreadmill. 5.5 miles all told, plus a half mile cool down.
It was great. Minus the chafing. Need to protect the boobs better.
From Runner's World - I'm trying to make this my mantra:
    Slow Down Every Day On your daily runs, aim to run two to three minutes slower per mile than your magic mile time. So if you do your magic mile in 10 minutes, aim to keep your pace around 12 to 13 minutes per mile on daily runs. At the perfect pace, you should feel comfortable and relaxed—like you can finish a sentence without having to catch your breath. If you're huffing and puffing, ease off. Don't worry about going too slow.
Now you know.

Tonight? We're gonna have a contract signing party. More stuff for the bank.
There may be fun hats.
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