The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

  • I awoke think I had something really neat to do at work today.
    • I don't and want to go back to bed now
  • We've all but made up our minds about the house but are going to see the last two on the list.
    • We'll probably put an offer in early on Friday.
    • We need to check what appliances are included as we may want to up the offer a little to keep the washer and dryer.
    • Or we'll go all out, or something, and get some Bosch equipment.
  • Purchased some machine washable sweaters yesterday with Foxy.
    • We had a very-not-like-us date night wherein we went shopping.
    • We also ate at Granite City for dinner.
      • I was exceedingly unimpressed and have zero desire to ever go back.
  • Tonight I have the night to myself as Fox is on a date.
    • I'll be exciting and clean cat boxes and do some laundry after the gym.
    • Maybe even... watch more Ali G.
    • Duhndun duhhhnnnnnn!!!
I should be getting a raise tomorrow.... unless I'm majoring effing up my job and no one is telling me.
Which may be possible but they generally don't let screw-ups take charge of malfunctioning teams.
And considering the alacrity I got said team under control, I'd suspect I'm NOT effing up my job.

So. We'll see. :)
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