The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Houses houses houses! I had dreams about houses last night likely induced from too much Malbec with a spicy dinner.

So, we re-viewed a house we had previously dismissed after discussing a few things and after I learned so stuff on inspecting houses. Initially we had concerns with the age of the windows and so warping in the floor in a bathroom and the basement. This time, we dragged jeffreyp along to offer, essentially, a cursory inspection. It would seem all of our issues were cosmetic, with some mental acrobatics leading us to believe things were worse there than they are.

The place is solid (seemingly, a true inspection has to happen).
  • The floor in the basement is just biased towards the drain - which we didn't see the last time and is exactly how it should be.
  • The bathroom is actually fine it's just the wall on which the door is hung is slightly tilted.
  • The wood around the windows just needs new paint and a brisk cleaning.
  • Gas appliances account for the rather high utility gas bills.
  • The eaves are straight, it's just the gutter casings that are skewed from the wind.

    We also saw an absolutely ridiculous house next to a park. It had a remodeled kitchen, gigantic deck and yard and new carpeting in all but one of the rooms. It is a steal at the price which is low because of a potentially shady adjacent neighborhood.

    As it stands, the first house is now at the top of the list followed very, very closely by the second place above. The former winning because of personality; honestly, the second place is far better appointed and larger. We just enjoy the flow of the former, the character, and the rather nicely retro kitchen. Pleasantly, they are both comparable in utility costs and appliances, though the older house could use a new range, oven and fridge - which we may factor into our potential offer.

    We have three more places to see, probably Thursday and we'll likely make a decision by the end of the week.

    And you know, thinking that we may actually close this time is bolstering my enthusiasm. We're fairly certain that all the houses on our list are NOT short sales nor foreclosures. So. Yippykaiyaiyay for that.

    Otherwise.. it's fricking Fall! Woo!
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