The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I do so love wireless laptops. I'm sad, though, that Barne and Noble charged me 5 bucks for two hours. Eh. Not too bad, assuming I stay for two hours.

Have book on PHP. Will learn. Also, I forgot I had Photoshop CS on this machine too. i heart my sexy white Apple iBook.

i love you baby. I'll never leave you locked in a drawer again.

PS: Why are there no fucking power outlets to plug my laptop in??
Peobably so people don't sit here all day on a Month long pass.

And why did my computer think it was 1969?

EDIT: The people working at barnes and nobles right now are unacceptably attractive. Plus one of them is a girl that has had a crush on me for four years. So obvious.

I'm hot, what else can I say?
(modest too)

Edit 2: Random thouht of the moment: Kafka said to hemmingway, "I raped your nother." To which Hemmingway responded, "So have I."
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