The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Coffee love

Coffee love
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Oh. No. The café is closed this week.
Doomed to drip coffee.

My life is OVER. <cuts wrist, drinks caffeine>
I'm kidding. The week should be fun, really. it includes lots of dressing nicely and seeing if anyone notices my Vibrams.

Interesting weekend. Would have preferred a few things proceeded differently, both internally and externally; but, overall, it was good times.
I'll get my head-space properly aligned with reality and not hold onto the past and hopes eventually. I'll run the lake loop eventually. I'll shave the cats eventually.

I'll love you eventually. In the pooper.

Addendum: While running the LMR, I was walking a bit by Monona Terrace past a few couples walking with children. Just before I passed on group, I started running again and the man fist pumped at me and said "Get up now, you can do it."

I just remembered that and it made me happy again. :)
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