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I'm entirely too pleased it is Friday. This week was long.

I spent too much of it working on a project that no one cared about, or was negative towards, even though they asked me to do it; and I did it exactly how I said I could do it. So I feel entirely unappreciated for the work I did and the work I didn't get done for it and ignored.

And I smell. And everyone hates me.
Boo hoo.
I wish I could take Monday off but our super-huge conference is next week. I'm actually looking forward to it though I doubt I'll be going to any of the teaching sessions. Much to do and work to catch.

I ran my first fartlek last night which is a fancy term for "ow-why-am-i-running-so-fast" I didn't do that "prescribed" way of it in that I ran faster when I wanted to and slowed when I needed to which is more like this Runner's World article. It was also only two miles total.

Then I went to Barriques and was horrified by soccer mom's and flirted/teased slavetopurple. It was for the good. Loud, drunk soccer Mom's make her homicidal, talked her out of the gun store, if you will. I saved the city last night by sexual innuendo and spilled milk.

True Story.
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