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When they both end the same, who is to say?

When they both end the same way, who is to say.

Completed a 5k without stopping today, which was nifty. It wasn't like a race-worthy pace by any means but I discovered something:

I feel better, elated in fact, when I run slower. Such as, I can run a nine minute miles, sustain it for a mile or so[stop snickering]; but, if I run an 11 or 12 minute mile, I can sustain it for 5 miles or more.

In fact, I did that two days ago and turned an intended 3 mile run into 6 miles because I felt so awesome. I was even signing along with my music on the way home. Rammstein. And playing Air Drums.

Yeah. I was that guy.
Must be the secret to running.
Or is it just my vibrams and obsession with Christopher McDougall?
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