The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Flowers About Town

Flowers About Town
Flowers About Town

My super cheap, plastic ND4 filter arrived yesterday and I had a chance to mod the SX-70 after my run today. It is still over exposing slightly so I'm going to try removing the filter over the meter sensor and see if that works well enough; otherwise, I have to turn the exposure dial down every time I use it - the dial resets after you close the camera.

Nice feature if you have SX-70 film. I don't. So clearly Polaroid hates me. Personally.

As for my run? Apparently crew socks are restrictive enough to my feet that it throws off my gait. It pissed me off enough that I ditch both my socks AND the shoes and ran a little over a mile totally barefoot. It was really nice until the concrete-to-feet-soles rubbing got to me.

Overall, the run sucked because I kept stopping to adjust for the first mile for reasons stated above. I do, however, really like RunKeeper which is tracking my runs.
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