The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

  • My legs were so stiff yesterday I cramped in my sleep which promptly became cramped in a surprised-to-be-awake-what-the-hell-ow! state.
  • My ND4 filter arrived for the SX-70 so I'll be able to use it. I don't know what to do with myself I'm so excited!
    • Analog FTW
  • Had a great night with lady_fox last night. We failed to attend a trigger-point massage class because it was canceled.
    • We thoroughly succeeded in margaritas instead.
  • OohhhFiveFingers Moc kangaroo leather toe shoes.
  • Today is an Apple event. Rumor mils no longer think a tablet will be released, rather an updated line of iPods and various related upgrades to iTunes and the iPhone.
    • I'm selling some Apple stock today which is sad in that I don't want to sell.
    • but awesome in that most of the shares I own I bought when it was less than $90/share.
    • "It's worth it for a house" is my mantra

    Now, for the interactive portion of the show.

    I now have a working Polaroid camera. What interesting photography projects ideas do you have?

    I had an idea for a group photo project: Choose a day, hour and minute. Take a photo where ever they are in that minute. Post the photos the next day. Sound interesting?


    My swine flu could beat up your swine flu.

    Oh yes.
    You keep your pork cough off of me.
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