The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

    Lovely weekend, really nice
  1. Grilling at manleyhouse on Sunday was nice minus the flashes of headache pain.
    • Had nice conversations with people I'd not seen in a long while
  2. I downloaded RJDJ this weekend and it is so very cool.
    • It takes environmental sounds - people talking, your foot steps, cars - and changes it into ever-evolving ambient/techno music according to the scene definitions you've chosen as you listen. It's really fantastic and only a dollar.
    • Plus, you can download a utility to create and upload your own scenes.
  3. Still waiting on Wells Fargo....
      We're selling stock this week and dumping the rest of the down into my account this week. So, in case we have to close while we're out of the country we can. I just don't want to as that likely means we can't get a sublet before we close, what with the not being able to move prior to closing.
    • I've also adjusted 401k percentages and savings auto-payments to account for the potential rent + mortgage payments.
    • Who needs savings, right?
  4. I had an interesting photo community idea.
  5. I have no idea where the ND4 filter I ordered is. Wonder when it will show up.
  6. Yay 4 day week.
  7. I need a haircut.
  8. My legs are really sore from yesterday. Damn hills.
  9. Other!
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